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產品名稱:700 mode
規  格:

700 mode ordinary type non woven bag making machine
ECO-Friendly products are become more and more popular.The shopping bag making machine can do shopping bag by automatic way which using non woven fabric as material.
Nowdays,many shop and big super-market are choose the non woven fabric shopping bags topack the goods.
Machine technical information:

Unit Specification Model and origin
Mainly Technical Parameter Type 700 mode ordinary type non woven bag making machine
Roller width 500-1250mm
Bag making speed 20-100pcs/min
Bag width 100-800mm
Bag length 200-580mm
Bag specification 30- 100 G.S.M
Power supply 220V 50Hz
Total power 10KW--15KW
Overall size L6000*W1900*H2000mm
Mainly machine Blanking unit one set
Horizontal traction unit one set
Vertical fold unit one set
Roller unit Blanking way magnetic powder tension controller
Roller control device ¦Õ3¡å£¨¦Õ76mm£©Air Shaft
Roller diameter ¦Õ1000mm
Controller andRoller system Roller control device ¦Õ3¡å£¨¦Õ76mm£©Air Shaft
Correcting deviation device Automatic correcting deviation system(EPC)
Automatic shutdown system Photoelectric Trace
Plate Stainless steel
Power control system Special motor tension driver system
Ultrasonic system 5 sets. 2 sets ultrasonic from taiwan company
Temperature control system Temperature control unit
Operation man-machine interface touch control
Relay Japan Omron
Pneumatic component Sns
  Temperature gauge Shanghai
Switch Chint(the biggest electrical parts manufacturer in China)
Inverter Hualan and Anhua
main motor Taiwan yongkun
Photoelectric tracking Taiwan futai
Bearing Japan invested company

All pictures and technical specifications are for reference only. The model depend on actual product.

Contact:Michael Choi

TEL: 0086-577-88617680


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